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With, buying an NFT is no more a hassle. Here in this blow, we will be exclusively looking at some simple steps that you can follow to buy your first NFT in a matter of seconds.

So, let’s get started!

Main Takeaways to buy NFT on

  • If you are just starting and looking for the perfect marketplace that enables you to purchase NFT easily and with a low fee, is the perfect platform to start.
  • Below, we will walk you through some easy steps to purchase your first NFT on
  • You can purchase NFTs at a fixed price, at auction or through the Mystery box on

Crypto and NFTs are all the buzzwords today. You, too, must have at least that one person in your friends or family circle who is crazy about all that is to crypto trading and NFTs.

If, by chance, you have lived under the rock for the past many years, let’s take a brief dip and get introduced to NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are the latest versions of the art, or should we say digital art. NFTs allow users with creative skills to create, own, and sell digital art (images, audio, gamine, and much more) through an online marketplace. On the part of the buyers, NFTs are non-replaceable and exclusive (that’s what non-fungible means) tokens that give them exclusive ownership of any art they purchase. NFTs marketplaces use blockchain systems, which ensures the exclusiveness of the NFTs. is one of the leading NFT marketplaces that enable buyers and sellers to trade in the complete range of NFTs, including gaming, images, graphics, gaming memorabilia, and much more. The platform offers one of the lowest trading fees and ensures NFTs can be traded easily. If you, too, are interested in trading NFTs you can need to start now!

Step 1: Buy some Crypto for the purchase

Main Takeaways to buy NFT on

Before proceeding to NFT trading, you need to create an account on and top it up with some cryptocurrency. At, we accept multiple currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

As one of the leading marketplaces for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, enable you to easily purchase cryptocurrency on our platform. Here’s how you can purchase a cryptocurrency on

  • Signup for account
  • Buy your preferred cryptocurrency. allows you to buy crypto through credit card, debit card, or through third-party channels
  • If you have a crypto wallet in another marketplace, you can deposit it to the account.

Step 2: Access marketplace through browser or mobile app

Once you have purchased the cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH), you are all set to explore the marketplace. makes it easy for users to explore all features offered by the marketplace, and you can access them either through a web browser or through the mobile app

Step 3: Identify the right NFT

Once you are in the marketplace, you will find hundreds of NFTs, which may seem overwhelming for new users. Well, if you, too, get overwhelmed by the number of NFT choices, below are some effective tips that can help you identify the right NFT for the purchase.

  • Visit the “Gaming Section” if you are an avid gamer. You will find various intriguing and trending NFT gaming collections in the gaming section. Choose the one that you find most interesting and click on the project to know more about the project.
  • Similarly, you can check out many other categories of NFTs, depending upon your preference, skills, industry of liking or other.
  • Check out the recommended artwork in the “recommended collections” to see what’s trending in the marketplace
  • Check out the top-performing NFTs by visiting the ranking board

Step 4: Purchase the NFT you like

Once you have identified the NFT you are ready to purchase, you can easily make the purchase in one of the three different ways. The right approach to buy the NFT of your liking will depend on the sale format preferred by the creator or seller of the NFT. The three sale formats you can use to purchase NFT on includes; Auction, fixed price and mystery box.

Bidding for NFT Auction

  • Click the “Bidding” button on the NFT listing place
  • Submit your bid amount (there is a minimum markup price for the auction, which denotes the minimum amount you can bid for the NFT). The highest bid will get the NFT
  • You will be notified of the successful bidding by a confirmation screen. The highest bidder for the NFT will be selected to purchase the NFT
  • An important aspect to remember is that bids are irrevocable. This means that once you have placed a bit, this can’t be undone and that the submitted bid amount will be locked until either you win the bid or the auction ends

Buying a fixed price NFT

  • If you have identified the desired NFT, simply click the “Buy Now” button and pay the amount displayed by the creator
  • You will receive the confirmation message for the amount you are required to pay. Click on the “Confirm” tab to complete the purchase
  • Once the payment is processed, you will see a “confirmation pop-up”, informing you of the successful purchase. You can click on your “Collection” to see your purchased NFTs

Buying an NFT Mystery Box

Mystery boxes are super popular among NFT enthusiasts looking for some exciting NFT art. Generally, you will find four different types of NFTs in a mystery box, including;

  • Super super rare NFTs (SSR)
  • Super rare NFTs (SR)
  • Rare NFTs (R)
  • Normal NFTs
Buying an NFT Mystery BoxHere’s how you can purchase a mystery box NFT;
  • Check out the mystery box listing page on
  • Mystery boxes are offered against a fixed price
  • Click on the “Buy” button to purchase a mystery box
  • You will receive a confirmation message for the amount you need to pay against the purchase. Click on the “Confirm” button to complete the purchase
  • After successful payment, you will receive a “confirmation pop-up.”
  • Click on the “Collection” to view the newly purchased mystery box
Get Started Now!

Well, with interactive functionalities and user interface, makes it easier for users to get started with NFT purchases. Visit and today and start NFT trading today!


Is crypto com a reliable platform to buy crypto?

Yes. is one of the most widely preferred crypto exchanges that ranks high for ease of use, a large selection of coins, and low coins. The only downside of the exchange is a relatively steeper learning curve; however, it does come with a highly interactive and easy-to-navigate website and mobile application.

Why should I buy

Well, as one of the best crypto exchanges, offers various benefits to users, including ease of use and low fees. It is often recommended as the best platform for crypto users who want to maximize their crypto trading experience, especially for active traders.

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