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Overview: What is a common issue with social media marketing plans

Social media offer businesses various options to grow their brand. These platforms can effectively be used to increase customer base, improve brand visibility, encourage strong brand loyalty, enhance users’ engagement and much more. However, to be able to leverage all these benefits, it’s necessary to avoid mistakes; else, all your efforts can go in vain. The key is to have a robust social media marketing strategy covering all important branding aspects while also covering the bit and pieces that are often overlooked.

According to one study by Statista, nearly 90% of the US-based companies use social media platforms to achieve key business ROIs and promote their products and services. Another study by Smart insights claimed that 80% of businesses believe that social media platforms offer them the right opportunity to deliver customized customer service.

Common issues with social media marketing plans

Businesses often complain about not achieving the desired results through social media marketing. This is mainly because they follow irrelevant, inept and wrong marketing strategies.

Below we have listed some of the most common issues with social media marketing plans, which you should avoid at all costs;

  1. No strategy

One of the most prevalent mistakes on behalf of businesses is to not place adequate importance on social media marketing and proceeding without any sound strategy. Social media presence is essential for all businesses in today’s digital world.

Social media platforms offer businesses the unique opportunity to not only establish themselves as market leaders but also reach out to the target audience and engage them with personalized messaging.

The key to achieving desired results from social media marketing is to create a robust branding strategy. Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be the number of daily posts. Instead, it’s essential to analyze the market, understand the target audience, analyze competitors, and create a strategy that is able to fill in all the required gaps.

  1. Not tracking results

Another common and perhaps the most lethal mistake businesses make with social media marketing is not tracking results. Remember, the key essence of any digital marketing strategy lies in analyzing and assessing the campaign results.

Social media platforms offer a number of tools for businesses to monitor campaign progress in real-time. By analyzing the performance of campaigns, businesses get valuable insights into the strategic changes they need to make to improve reach, visibility, engagement and branding.

Thereby, to be able to achieve desired ROIs from social media marketing plans, it’s important to have a robust analytical strategy. You need to continuously track progress and fine-tune the campaigns until the desired results are achieved.

  1. Not all social media platforms are the same.

This is another common mistake from brands that results in poor campaign performance. Before you proceed with a social media marketing plan, it’s important to understand the critical characteristics of each platform and assess the best-suited platform for your business requirements.

Posting the same content across multiple platforms won’t do any good to your campaigns. Instead, it may waste time, effort, and money without achieving any desired results.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram are considered the best platforms to engage customers and enhance brand reach, whereas LinkedIn is great for establishing brand authority.

  1. Counterattack negative comments

The essence of social media platforms is that they offer businesses a unique opportunity to engage with customers. This unique aspect of social media not only allows companies to improve their customer engagement but also serve as a strong indicator to continuously improve the quality of their products and services.

However, many businesses tend to avoid or counterattack negative comments from dissatisfied customers. In fact, some even try to brush off the negative comments by trying to remove them or reply with a harsh tone.

This may be a grave mistake for businesses. It won’t only paint them in lousy repute but also leave them vulnerable to neglecting customer service and not improving the quality of products or services.

  1. Not engaging customer/followers

Engaging a large number of customers and followers is often one of the most important KPIs for any social media marketing plan. However, many brands don’t have the right aptitude to engage customers in meaningful discussion, which badly hamper their chances to gain more customers/followers.

As mentioned earlier, the key to all successful social media marketing plans is to engage customers with personalized communication. For this, you need to stay vigilant to respond to any and all comments from customers. This won’t just help you establish your brand authority but also assist you in improving the reach of your posts, thus gathering more customers/followers for your brand.

  1. Not understanding the target audience.

Last but not least, many businesses fail to understand their target audience, which leaves their entire efforts for social media marketing in vain. Again, digital marketing is all about creating precise, tangible, and verifiable campaigns for the right audience. You can’t throw in content for an open audience and hope to achieve high ROIs.

There is no generic audience in social media marketing. Thereby, make sure you research the target audience closely and make sure you create content that resonates perfectly with them.


Whether you are a large enterprise or small business, you need to maintain an effective and intelligent social media presence to stay relevant in today’s business world. Over the years, the landscape of social media platforms has increased considerably. Subsequently, there is an increased requirement for businesses to keep up with the evolving scope and trends of social media platforms to be able to reap full benefits. Make sure you avoid the mistakes mentioned above and you will be well equipped to leverage the power of social media marketing to boost your business.

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