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Overview: How social media has impacted marketing for small business

Small business owners are constantly looking to establish their brand on the radar of potential customers. They desperately require new ways of gaining more visibility and engagement from customers to sustain and compete with competitors.

In comes social media…

The essence of social media is engagement. These platforms are ideally designed to help businesses establish their brand presence and engage with existing and new customers with customized messages and content.

In fact, small companies are better suited to the unique character of social media platforms as compared to large enterprises. That’s because small businesses are better positioned to engage customers with unique content marketing strategies to improve branding and customer loyalty.

Impact of social media marketing for small businesses

According to one study, over 90% of small business owners believe that social media is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is an important part of business sustainability and growth for small businesses. The key to robust social media marketing for small businesses is interacting and engaging with customers. Small businesses can significantly improve brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, and increase customer base with the right social media marketing strategy.

The key to social media marketing for small businesses is to understand their target audience, determine the marketing objective and generate the right content to engage and interact with the audience. Also, it’s important to choose the right platform with the most number of target customers and be ready to take action (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest are some of the potential platforms you can explore for marketing).

Here’s why social media marketing is ideally suited to meet the needs of small businesses;

1 – Community-focused marketing

Compared to big enterprises, small businesses come with a much leaner and agile structure. Also, small businesses are more focused on individual or community-based marketing, which enable them to get closely connected with their customers and engage them in meaningful branding discussion.

Small business owners also have a well-defined target market, which gives them the advantage to generate highly customized content; specifically suited for the target market. Also, with active engagement with customers, they can generate a large amount of user-generated data and respond effectively, which subsequently adds to their marketing strength.

Overall, small businesses are in a great position to foster strong customer engagement with social media marketing, leading to increased brand awareness and improved sales for the business.

Community-focused marketing

  1. Affordable Marketing

Small business owners are always after cost-saving, and social media provides them with virtually free platforms to market their brand across the global audience (minus the cost of generating marketing content).

Small businesses can also opt for paid marketing on social platforms, which offers even better features and ROIs. With the right paid marketing strategy, small businesses can achieve the highest ROIs for marketing campaigns by spending very little marketing capital. Alternatively, they can also opt for going with organic marketing, which is virtually free of cost.

Affordable Marketing

  1. Social media marketing collaboration

Another great social media marketing strategy for small businesses is collaborating with neighboring/relevant small businesses (not competitors) with a similar target audience. This can act as the most innovative strategy for small businesses to grow organically together.

For instance, you can collaborate with another small business to run a discount of 20% on a second purchase when customers buy from you or vice versa. Alternatively, you can partner up with another small business to run a social media contest or a giveaway campaign. Even better, you can team up with another small business and run each other’s business promotions to show camaraderie and improve business reach.

  1. Personalized attention

Personalization is the key aspect for all small businesses. It differentiates them and gives them leverage over large enterprises, which are generally too bulky to offer customization.

Today’s digital market landscape is all about personalization. Digital shoppers today are always after a customized shopping experience. According to one survey, over 50% of online consumers like to buy from small businesses; since they offer them personalized services.

Social media platforms offer small businesses the ideal opportunity to come up with customized and personalized content that instantly connects with the target audience. Also, by closely following up with the customers over social media pages, small businesses are able to significantly improve the shopping experience for customers, leading to strong branding, and increased customer loyalty.

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What are your top social media tips for small businesses?

Here are our top social media marketing tips that can help small businesses maximize their online presence:

– identify and understand your target audience

– create a detailed content calendar for social media

– post right content at the right time

– Engage your audience (as much as you can)

– create great infographics

– Get analytics for your social media marketing campaigns

Can social media marketing help small businesses?

Absolutely yes.

Social media is one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. Provided you are able to utilize the social media platforms aptly; it can altogether transform the face of small businesses in no time. With the right social media strategy, small businesses can significantly improve their reach and visibility, whereas it also helps them to create powerful online brand awareness. At Frequenc, our social media marketing services help small businesses to foster better connections and improve engagements for higher sales and customer loyalty.

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