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An Overview: How to buy NFT on Crypto app – Best Ideas is one of the earliest NFT marketplaces. This marketplace features creators, designers, and artists. These creators sell their non-fungible tokens on this platform. has also launched a crypto app that is available for both Android and ios users. Buying NFTs is now easier than before. The app also offers a user-friendly interface, which makes the whole NFT trading experience simple. You can sell, buy and trade NFTs in this marketplace. was launched in 2021 and awarded as the best marketplace for purchasing NFT by the best NFT marketing agency. is a very unique marketplace because it has its blockchain, crypto exchange, and coin. No other marketplace owns these three things, so this feature makes this marketplace very competitive and a good option for users. In this article, we are going to see how you can use this marketplace, how to create an account and some amazing features of Different payment methods and also we’ll see which digital wallets are compatible with

How to buy NFT on Crypto app Marketplace Marketplace launched its NFT marketplace in March 2021. This marketplace is backed by blockchain technology which is the chain. In a very short period, this marketplace has become very popular. It is considered one of the best platforms for purchasing NFTs. there are NFTs listed in many categories such as art, music, video, painting, and many more.

Now it is easy for the user to invest in non-fungible tokes either by the browser-based market or by using an app. In a recent development, it is announced that now this platform will also support Ethereum-based NFTs.

How to buy NFT on Crypto app – Categories:

How to buy NFT on Crypto app - Categories

As the leading marketplace, offers most of the NFT categories. Some of the main ones are the following:

  • Digital Artworks: This is the hottest selling category in the NFT world right now. People are now selling their artworks, painting, and sketches as non-fungible tokens. Prices in this category would start at $1 and go up to more than $10,000. Users can also use a filter option to sort the NFTs by price, likes, views, reviews, or even blockchain.
  • Collectibles: Digital Collectibles are also sold as NFTs and it is also a very growing category. Many Events cards are sold as digital collectibles. Just like we used to collect pokemon cards. Similar is the case in NFTs, the very first cards which were sold as NFTs were Curio cards.
  • Domain names: This is a new category and not supported by all of the marketplaces. In this category, the crypto domains which are minted on the blockchain are sold as non-fungible tokens. Usually, people buy web domains and then resell them. In the same way, people create and buy domain extensions and then sell them as NFTs.
  • In-game assets: This is a very broad category, a favorite for gamers. It includes cards, avatars, characters, etc. has launched its gaming NFT collection ‘CryptoCards’.
How to buy NFT on Crypto app ( ) Drops:

How to buy NFT on Crypto app ( ) Drops

It is a section that displays unique and exclusive NFTs which are not yet been released.  We can categorize the drops into three:

  • Live: In a live drop event, you can purchase the NFT collection directly from the creator. You can click on the ‘current drops’ section and you’ll find the live section there. As the drops are unique so they are generally for a limited time.
  • Upcoming: This section represents the drops that are not yet released. These are the drops that are scheduled to release. Usually, the upcoming dops have videos linked with them which will give you a presentable description of the NFT.
  • Ended: The drops which are recently dopped are displayed here. You cannot purchase NFTs from these drops as they have ended. But you can overview them and you can contact the owners who have already purchased them. App:

It is one of the best NFT-related applications available right now, both for android and ios users. You can search and scan the whole marketplace, you can mint your NFTs, and you can sell them or buy them. Also, you can use this app for purchasing and trading cryptocurrency.

There is no dedicated crypto NFT app. Rather, it is incorporated into the crypto app. So you can use the same app for purchasing cryptocurrency and NFTs. You can access the marketplace on the homepage of the app.

How to buy NFT on Crypto app- Customer Service:

Crypto app provides one of the most interesting user experiences. Its app is user-friendly and easy to use. Moreover, the customer service is also up to the mark. It has an extensive FAQs section, where you can find the result of almost any question related to crypto and NFT. Beginners can also seek help from the FAQs section because there are many questions related to buying and selling NFTs.

If you didn’t find the question you are looking for, you can also email them. There is also a ‘live box’ chat facility where you can ask your questions and you can get instant responses. If you have any questions related to the crypto marketplace, NFT you can reach out to us, Freuqnc the best NFT Consulting Services Provider.

Compatibility of Digital Wallets: is based on the blockchain technology chain. It now also supports Ethereum-based NFTs. Now you have to check whether the digital wallet you are using is compatible with this platform or not. When you purchase an NFT, it doesnt directly go to your crypto wallet. It is stored in your account. So it is feasible for you to create a digital wallet that is compatible with your marketplace and then transfer your NFT into your digital wallet. supports many digital wallets. It also has its own wallet ‘Defi wallet’. It is a free wallet created by the platform, and it is available for download in the Play Store. There are more than 100 different cryptos in this wallet and it is protected by two-factor authentication, which makes it secure and safe. Other wallets such as ledger wallets and MetaMask are also compatible with this marketplace. If you have a compatible wallet, you can easily transfer your NFTs into it.


The first thing you have to consider while researching any marketplace is the fees and payment methods. Like any other marketplace, the fees depend on whether you are a seller, a buyer, or a trader.

  • Buyer: If you are a buyer, this is the most suitable platform for you. Because there is no fee for buyers in this marketplace.
  • Seller: If you are a creator or a designer, who wants to sell NFTs then this platform will charge you 1.99% per NFT. Earlier it was 15% which was very high. But now as the market is becoming more and more competitive, has reduced it to 1.99.
  • Reseller: If you have bought an NFT and you want to resell it, then the charges are the same as of the first seller. It will cost you 1.99% per NFT. This fee was 5% earlier but now it has been reduced to 1.99.

How to buy NFT on Crypto app – Steps by Steps Process:

Now you have some know-how about How does it work and what are the different fees involved in this. Now if you are interested in purchasing NFTs on crypto, we as a digital marketing agency will guide you step by step:

  1. Set up your account:

The very first step is to open a account if you didn’t have one already. If you want to create your account, go to the homepage and then click sign up. A page will appear to you, fill in the details such as name, phone number, address, email, and set your password.

  1. Verify your account:

After the successful creation of your account, now verify it. If you’ve created your account for the first time, you’ll receive a special code (OTP) on your provided phone number. Enter the number in the settings menu and verify your account.

The second case is if you already have a account, go to the settings menu and choose ‘connect to app’. And you will receive a verification link in your email.

  1. Explore the marketplace:

After verification, you are good to go. Explore the marketplace, and explore different categories. You can also sort them with respect to date, views, and price. After exploring select your favorite one.

  1. Buy your favorite NFTs:

 After selecting your favorite one, you have to check whether it is listed for a fixed price, auction, or both.  If it is a fixed piece, you can instantly purchase it but it is listed for the auction you’ll have to participate in bidding.

  1. Payment:

You can use the NFT balance to pay for the selected NFT. also allows you to use your credit or debit cards. Lastly, if you want to pay using cryptocurrency. This option is also available on this platform.


This marketplace is best for anyone interested in NFTs. There are a lot of features for first-time buyers and investors. Moreover having its digital wallet, and support of payment through credit and debit cards makes it the best marketplace for NFTs. Frequenc the best influencer marketing agency recommends you to go for this marketplace if you are interested in purchasing NFTs.


Is the Crypto app available for iOS users?

Yes, the crypto app is available for both iOS and Android users. With more than one million users and having the support of This app is one of the best NFT apps available.

How much does charge if someone wants to purchase an NFT? doesnt charge any fees from its buyers. This makes the marketplace different from others. However, it does charge 1.99% from sellers and traders.

Does allow storing NFTs?’s wallet Defi is based on the chain and it has also started supporting Ethereum-based tokens. So yes you can store NFTs on

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