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Overview: How to get AMC NFT?

AMC – The largest movie theatre company in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the world has expressed its willingness to dive deeper into the craze of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first NFT offered by AMC was followed by strong demand from its members, pushing the company to provide the second NFT offering yet again.

Below we have come up with all the details and how you can get AMC NFT.

What Happened:

AMC NFTAMC Entertainment Holdings – The largest movie theatre company in the world recently announced that the company would be offering an exclusive NFT. The AMC NFT will be offered to the company’s Investor Connect Members.

According to details, the new offering from AMC will be launched on the WAX blockchain and will exclusively be available to the shareholders of AMC stock. What we know so far about the AMC NFT is that it will have the “I Own AMC” phrase featured on the NFT.

The new AMC NFT offering was announced by none other than Adam Aron – CEO of AMC Entertainment Holdings. According to him, the success of the Spider-Man NFT, which the company previously launched, is the main driver for the company to push ahead with its second NFT offering.

According to the company, the second AMC NFT will be airdropped along with other benefits to the shareholders of AMC Entertainment Holdings. The NFT offering would be tradeable by the shareholders, whereas the company will have a small royalty for all the transactions made by the owners in trading the NFTs.

All existing AMC Investor Connect are eligible to receive the AMC NFT for free. At the same time, shareholders who are not the AMC Investor Connect members will have to sign-up for Investor Connect to be eligible to receive the new AMC NFT.

According to the company, the residents of the USA would be eligible to receive the AMC NFT, whereas residents of other countries where NFTs are a legal tender or where AMC and WAX have the technical capability will also receive their free AMC NFT.

Eligible members will be sent email invitations to claim their AMC NFT. At present, there are over 425,000 members who are part of the AMC Investor Connect Program.

Why It’s Important:


AMC Investor Connect is a premium membership program from the world’s largest movie and theatre company. The members of Investor Connect are eligible for exclusive rewards, including early screening of movies, free concession items and much more.

Apart from the Investor Connect program, AMC also runs the Stubs Loyalty Program. According to our insights, member of the Stub Loyalty Program may be up for the next NFT offering by the company. This is also confirmed by Adam Aron – CEO of AMC Entertainment Holding, who said that the company might offer new NFTs in the future.

As the second AMC NFT offering is rolled out, we expect more NFTs to be offered by the AMC in the future. So, if you are interested in accessing the free AMC NFT offering, you may have to become a shareholder and member of one of AMC’s multiple membership programs.

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