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Overview: How to make NFT Crypto

In this article, we will see how you can make non-fungible tokens and how can you earn money by showcasing your digital art. NFTs are a new way to sell your digital art and it also ensures ownership of your art. In simple words, NFTs are a way of registering your digital arts on the cryptocurrency blockchain. As an NFT consulting services provider, we will guide you completely on how can you make your own NFTs. And how can you earn money by selling them?

make NFT Crypto

NFTs have skyrocketed in the last one-two year. This industry was worth $100 million in 2020 and now it has become an industry with a revenue of $22 billion. NFT is non-fungible, which means you cant replace it with any other assets. But it has its worth and ownership. No two NFTs are replaceable which makes them the most secure digital asset. There are different types of NFT assets such as digital artworks, music, fashion items, painting, videos, GIFs, and other digital collectibles. Now we will discuss how can you create your own NFT. The steps involved in this are:

Best 7 Ways for How to make NFT Crypto

Best 7 Ways for How to make NFT Crypto

1- Choose NFT type:

The very first step is you have to choose your NFT type. NFTs are very versatile, there are many options in NFTs. You just need to choose your niche according to your interest. There are many options such as digital artworks, collectibles, music items, in-game items, paintings, event tickets, stuff related to fashion, and a host of other options. Even the very popular social media memes can be an option for you. NFTs are usually in the form of videos, images in the format of JPG, MOV, and MP4, etc.

If you go for a simple NFT, you can do it yourself. But if you choose a rather complicated project as your NFT such as a game or something related to high-end graphics. You would probably need to hire a developer or a team. It all depends on you whether you choose an easy task or a complicated one. It is advised that you should start with easy NFTs, which you can do yourself and then slowly you should start making your team. If you are cant make your art you can also hire a designer. 

2- Select an NFT marketplace:

This is the second and most important step in creating NFT. You have to choose the marketplace which is the most suitable for you and it should be according to your niche. Because not every marketplace supports every kind of NFT. You have to do your research right before selecting any marketplace because each of them has its pros and cons.

There are many types of marketplaces available. Some best of them are Opensea, Binance, Rarible, and  Nowadays it is very easy for new creators to dive into this NFT world. The one thing you should consider while selecting a marketplace is the gas fees or you can say transaction fees. The gas fee is used in minting and it is different in every marketplace. Some marketplaces only charge this from buyers and some charge from only sellers. However, there are also such marketplaces that charge this fee from both sellers and buyers. It usually ranges from 1% to 2.5%.

3- Create a digital wallet.

The next step is you have to create your digital wallet or crypto wallet. The transactions in NFTs are all in cryptocurrencies, therefore you need a wallet where you can store your cryptocurrencies. You should have to consider that the wallet you are selecting should be compatible with the blockchain or marketplace you’ve selected.

There are plenty of digital wallets out there. But some best are Metamask,  AlphaWallet,  Math Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. Most creators use Metamask because it is easy to use and it connects to most of the blockchains. Many NFT wallets are browser-based, some of them have their applications but they are both safe. You can keep your cryptocurrencies in them without any fear.

4-  Purchase Crypto

After creating your wallet, now you are good to go. You just need to purchase cryptocurrency to perform further transactions. You need to pay the gas fee, which will be in crypto. So you have to make an account with the best crypto exchange. The process of creating an account is very easy, you can even perform this on your mobile.

Once your account is created you just need to log in and you can start purchasing cryptocurrencies. Most of the platforms need Ethereum as a crypto coin to perform transactions. You can also purchase any other cryptocurrency based on the marketplace and blockchain you are using.  After selecting your crypto, you just need to transfer it into the wallet. Frequenc is the best NFT marketing agency and you can contact us if you want to consult about any of the NFT services.

5-  Connect your Wallet:

After purchasing cryptocurrency, the next step is to connect your digital wallet to the NFT marketplace you are using. Connecting your digital wallet to the platforms like OpenSea and Rarible is very easy. There is a built-in option in these apps where you can just connect your wallet. You just need to click on create button at the top left corner and then you’ll see the list of compatibles wallets, from where you can select your wallet. In some marketplaces, you need to install MetaMask or Coinbase extensions. As a digital market agency, we advise you to be cautious while connecting your wallets to the marketplaces. There are many scammers out there so if an unknown site wants to connect your digital wallet with them, you should think twice.

6-  Create NFT and start minting.

After connecting the wallet, now it’s time for you to make NFT. Most marketplaces direct you to the NFT creation page otherwise you can click on the create button to start your art. Now it’s completely up to you, in which niche you are going to make NFT. If you are a painter then you should start painting, if you are into videography you should start making videos.

Now you are ready for the minting of your NFTs. there are two methods: One of them we discussed earlier, in which you have to pay a gas fee to start minting. The second one is for beginners and the ones who want a start in this NFT world but doesn’t have any financial resources. For that purpose, you can use lazy minting. It is a free-of-cost service in which you can create your NFT without any transaction fee. There are also options available on the platform where you can create only one NFT or you want to make a collection. After minting, now you have to showcase it to consumers so that they can buy them.

7-  Set up the sales process:

After successful minting, this is the final stage of the NFT creation process. Now you have to select how do you want to sell your NFT, following are the methods:

  • The very first option is you can sell your NFT at a fixed price. In this method, you can sell your artwork instantly.
  • The second method is you can set a timed auction for your NFT. In this, you have to specify a time limit in which you can seek bids for your NFT and you can choose the best possible bid but in a specific type.
  • Third and the last method is to set an unlimited auction for your digital work. It doesnt have any time limit so people can bid whenever they want and you can select any one of them anytime. You can end the auction whenever you want.

After selecting the method, now you have to add a description to your NFT. The description of your artwork is as important as the artwork itself. You have to add a title, a description of your artwork for example what it represents, etc.

Your NFT gig should be presentably good. After all this process, now you just have to pay listing fees and your NFT is all set for auction.

How to make NFT Crypto- best 7 ways

FAQs about How to make NFT Crypto:

What is the cost of creating an NFT?

It can be anything from zero to millions. Standard NFTs just need the cost of gas fees and the registration fees of the blockchain marketplace. Generally, it can you in between $10 and $200.

Is free NFT minting possible?

Yes, it is possible. You need to select the marketplace which supports lazy minting. In lazy mining, the process itself generates the metadata for NFT without creating a token.

How to check the worth of your NFT?

The best way of checking the worth of your NFT is by examining the amount of income it generates. You can easily calculate the expected lifetime income for your NFT.

Are Non-Fungible tokens real money?

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that can represent any real-world object. Digital artworks, games, videos, paintings, music, even tweets, and memes are now selling as NFTs. There are now physical items also displayed as NFTs. For example, Nike has launched its limited physical edition trainers as NFTs. NFTs are bought and sold online with cryptocurrency. So you can earn real money with NFTs.

If you have any questions related to NFTs. Contact us because we’ve been awarded as the best influencer marketing agency and the best NFT consulting agency.

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