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An Overview: What is the difference between Crypto and NFT?

The world is now moving towards digital wallets. The era of using traditional wallets has been over. With each passing day, digital wallets are becoming more secure and safe. Many people are now investing in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and non-fungible tokens. For that purpose, digital wallets become essential to use. Because digital wallets are not only used to store digital money. They are also used for storing cryptocurrency and NFTs. 

Digital wallets are somehow better than traditional wallets. They are more secure and user-friendly. People are now investing money in digital assets rather than investing in traditional market stocks. In the traditional market, political stability, new policies, and financial institutions play a very important role. However, the digital market doesnt get affected by these reasons. Cryptocurrency is the type of digital currency and the NFTs are different.

Almost every one of us has heard about either cryptocurrency or NFT. people usually mix these two things but these two are entirely different worlds. In this article, will discuss cryptocurrency and NFTs, how they are both different from each other and do they have any similarities?

What is the difference between Crypto and NFT – Non-fungible tokens:

Non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens or commonly said as NFT, are a hot topic in the world of technology. The word ‘fungible’ is derived from the Latin word ‘fungi’ which means “to perform”.  In the modern world, this world is now used for interchangeable things. Therefore fungible assets are considered as those which are changeable or replaceable, you can interchange them. Hence, as the name explains NFTs are non-fungible which means these are such assets which neither replaceable nor inter-changeable. So, we have to keep in our mind that these assets are different from regular fiat currency. They are unique digital assets and each of them has its own unique identity. 

Each of the NFTs has its uniqueness and ownership. Moreover, they are backed up by blockchain technology which makes them secure and safe. The main highlighting feature is you can easily trace and track the ownership of NFTs.  

NFTs have any digital asset. It has many categories such as digital artworks, digital paintings, music, videos, sports, in-game items, and many other digital collectibles. The main property is they are unique. Now the process of tokenizing these assets is involved in NFTs. after tokenizing, now these tokens are ready to buy, sell and trade. 

NFTs are created using blockchain technology. Now, different marketplaces are used for encoding and tokenizing these tokens. The marketplace also mints the tokens. Minting is the process of converting your digital asset into a non-fungible token. For minting, the marketplace charges a fee which is termed a gas fee. There are several other fees. Now, these fees are paid by cryptocurrency. Only for this purpose do creators and artists use digital wallets. This is the only role of cryptocurrency in this NFT ecosystem. All the transactions and payments are made by using cryptocurrency.

Whenever someone purchases NFT, they are not buying any physical asset. They are buying a digital asset. All of this process is tracked on the NFT blockchain. The main advantage of NFTs for creators and artists is they can directly sell their creations to customers. There is no third party involved in the whole procedure. However, if they physically sell their products, they have to pay broker fees and rent for displaying them in libraries, art galleries, etc. Creators can also seek help from any Top digital marketing agency to showcase their creations. 

You can also combine two different NFTs to create a third one. This is also a technique that many creators are using they combine two different tokens and create a third, and they are making good money. Many artists combine two different paintings and create a third one. This technique is only possible in the digital world. 

This industry has also opened a new door for many creators including musicians. Many musicians are now releasing their new songs, records, and even albums in the form of NFTs. Musicians are now also earning money by selling exclusive merchandise for their fans. The hottest selling item in the NFT world is digital collectibles. These include event cards, sports cards, and short clips. Tweets and memes are also selling nowadays as NFTs. There are many NFT consulting services providers in the market, you can contact them for services related to NFT.


  • The benefit of NFTs is the exchange of digital assets. We have discussed earlier how can we exchange these assets.
  • Investing in non-fungible is easier than ever. Almost, everyone can invest in them.
  • Identity management is very easy in NFTs. Each of them has a unique identity. For easy understanding, imagine a digital passport as NFT. Each one of them will have its unique characteristics, and no two can ever be the same.
  • The future of NFTs belongs to fractional ownership. Prices of non-fungible tokens are increasing day by day. And it is becoming more difficult for people to purchase NFTs. So if the concept of fractional ownership will introduce, people will be able to buy a certain option asset. This technique will mostly be used in the property category of NFTs.
  • The gaming industry will completely change in upcoming years. In-game items have been introduced as NFTs. Gamers are now very inquisitive about this industry. They will now create more in-game items to attract buyers and other gamers.


  • As investment is very easy in this industry, it is also a drawback. Anyone can create an NFT. It doesnt demand to have a skill set before publishing their tokens. If one can not have any knowledge about a certain niche, he/she can still mint their non-fungible tokens in that niche.
  • Although this is very rare yet is also a risk that the owner may lose ownership of its asset. If someone hacks the NFT marketplace or at a point where the marketplace itself decides to shut down. The owner will not have any right over their asset.
  • Another issue is the minting cost of NFTs is increasing day by day. Many artists who are beginners are not able to easily showcase their talents as before.

What is the difference between Crypto and NFT- Crypto:


Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency. This virtual currency is secured by cryptography. Just like NFTs, this currency is also based on blockchain technology. One of the most attractive features of crypto is this is a decentralized network. There is no third-party interference in this ecosystem. And therefore, there is no involvement or interference from any government in this network.

Presently, cryptocurrency is at its peak. The feature which attracts many people and makes it unique from other currencies is that it is very easy to send and receive crypto across borders. And the transfer cost is also very economical as compared to traditional currencies.  

Many crypto exchanges exist, from which you can buy cryptocurrency. You can also mine cryptocurrency yourself. But for that, you need supercomputers and heavy machinery. Binance, eToro, and Kraken are some famous crypto exchanges. It is now possible to purchase real-world things using cryptocurrencies. Many big companies such as Tesla have started receiving payments in cryptocurrencies.

Unlike non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency is considered a high-risk investment. We’ve seen many fluctuations in the price of crypto. Even the price of bitcoin was dropped by just a tweet from a famous person. So this currency is very unstable. It can go from zero to the top in seconds. But we’ve to remember it can climb back also. 

Cryptocurrency has removed all the problems of modern banking. You can send as much money as you can, there is no fund limit in crypto. Secured by blockchain, there is also no fear of being hacked. Cryptography is a technique used in cryptocurrency. It is a technique used for encoding and decoding the data. Frequenc as the best influencer marketing agency, can you completely about crypto, how it works, how to invest in it, etc.


  • Decentralized nature is by far the most important property of cryptocurrency. It makes this technology more secure and safe. There is now no involvement of any other bank, any financial institution, or any government in this ecosystem. 
  • Fast transactions are also a very hot selling feature. Cryptocurrency ensures fast transactions even if you’re borders apart. You can now send and receive money across borders without any third party. Cryptocurrency has opened a door in the remittance economy. 
  • The transactions are very cheap in crypto. Unlike fiat currency transactions, there are no brokers and no financial institutions which makes the crypto transactions very cheap.
  • Cryptocurrency has become a very unprecedented investment option, no doubt there are many risks involved but we’ve seen a boom in many crypto coins in a very short period. For example, at launch time bitcoin was valued at $5 and now it’s worth $39,000. 


  • Crypto is the most volatile currency right now. Its value can be changed in seconds. It can go to the top in no time yet crypto can also depreciate very quickly. 
  • The mining of crypto is very energy-consuming. You need supercomputers, and high-tech devices to mine crypto which consumes a high amount of electricity. According to research, only bitcoin mining consumes 0.5% of the total electricity consumed in the world.
  • Blockchain is a very secure technology, yet there is a chance of hacking. We’ve seen examples of hacking in crypto before, which resulted in the loss of crypto coins worth millions. 


If we summarize the whole discussion, we can say that you can think of NFTs as a subset of cryptocurrency. NFT and crypto both are built on the same platform, they both share the same technology, and more or less principles of both are also the same. And the audience is also very similar. 

The purpose of crypto is to transfer money to each other in the form of digital money. However, NFT focuses on acquiring a digital asset by purchasing it in cryptocurrency. Crypto is fungible while NFT is not.  Both NFTs and crypto are the future of technology. Both are linked to each other, the growth of one promises the growth of the other. Both these platforms are awarded as a good investment by the best NFT marketing agency


Does NFT affect crypto?

If you are willing to find that What is the difference between Crypto and NFT so these both are entirely different things. Crypto is a currency used to purchase things meanwhile NFTs are digital assets. You can buy NFTs by using cryptocurrencies.

Why NFTs are expensive?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens and the talk of the town nowadays. The NFT industry is growing at an immense pace and there are many big names involved in this industry. Moreover, it provides complete ownership of assets to their owner. Therefore these are costly.

Can we use the same crypto account for NFTs?

Many crypto exchanges are now also part of the NFT ecosystem. They are launching new marketplaces. Binance and are the main examples. On these platforms, you can use the same account for NFT trading, which you use for crypto.

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