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An Overview: Why is social media an important part of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to boost business growth. Here in this blog, we will be reviewing core principles of inbound marketing and see why social media is an essential part of inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

To put it shortly, inbound marketing is the processing of attracting prospective customers to your business; instead of chasing them constantly. The process involves creating high-quality content that inspires and engage the target audience, compelling them to take the actions you want.

While inbound marketing has remained a well-implemented strategy in the marketing world; however, the rise of online marketing has made it even better and more effective than before. That’s why inbound marketing today is considered one of the most important tools for digital marketing.

Inbound Marketing Components

There may be multiple components that together make up an effective inbound marketing strategy. The key to effective inbound marketing is to regularly develop high-quality, inspiring and engaging content to dominate the market as an authority. Some of the more important components of an inbound marketing strategy include;

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing

For the sake of this blog, we will be exploring the significance and role of social media for inbound marketing.

How does social media help with inbound marketing?

As discussed above, inbound marketing is all about generating engaging and inspiring content to attract customers. In today’s digital world, no place is better to gain brand visibility, recognition and engage the audience better than social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Even if you implement all other strategies of digital marketing, namely, SEO, email marketing, content marketing and others, you still need to run effective social media marketing campaigns to reach out and engage customers in the most dynamic ways. In simple words, social media marketing serves as an efforts’ amplifier for your inbound marketing campaigns.

Social media platforms also provide a unique opportunity for businesses to interact openly with the audience and engage them in personalized communication. All of these are core elements of effective customer service, which led to increased customer satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty. Fortunately, there are dozens of social media platforms available for businesses to explore, identify and implement winning inbound marketing campaigns.

In essence, social media campaigns bring together all important components of inbound marketing, including content marketing and SEO. To put it in perspective, social media is the glue that holds all-important inbound marketing components together.

Here are some reasons why social media is an important part of inbound marketing;

  1. Helps in content promotion

Social media platforms are great channels for businesses to generate engaging content and attract relevant readers. It is considered the most effective inbound marketing strategy since it promotes returning visitors with strong brand loyalty. With the right content promotion plan. Businesses can achieve high inbound marketing ROIs. Some of the more compelling content promotions for social media include;

  • Owned media:

Owned content is generated by businesses themselves, including blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, Podcasts and others. Businesses have full control over this media type.

  • Paid media:

Most social media platforms encourage businesses to proceed with paid marketing to increase brand reach and improve customer acquisition. Social media platforms offer businesses an ideal opportunity to filter target audiences based on key acquisition parameters.

  • Earned media:

Earned media includes content generated by your users like reviews, testimonials, social shares, and others. These are crucial to establish your brand authority and improve conversion rates.

  1. Get inspiring content ideas 

Social media platforms are undoubtedly the perfect places to gather inspiring content ideas. Platforms like Reddit and Quora offer businesses a unique opportunity to learn what people like to talk and share. Also, you can join many discussion forums to see what the users are interested in and how you can tap into the potential market.

  1. Gain a better understanding of your audience

Social media platforms hold an unbelievable amount of data that can go a long way for businesses to connect better, relate, and understand their target audience. With the right analytical tools and robust strategy, social media platforms give you the ideal opportunity to know your audience before generating content. This can vastly help businesses create better engaging and interactive content that generates sales and promotes brand loyalty.

  1. social media helps with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered an essential digital marketing strategy for businesses to attract more traffic and make more sales. However, to be able to gain a higher search engine ranking, you need to create highly engaging, original and relevant content. Interestingly, with the right social media analysis tools, businesses can significantly improve the quality of their content, which in turn help them improve search engine page ranking. All you need is to adopt the right strategy and implement the right tools to extract relevant information from social media platforms.

Overall, social media can help in:

  • Creating strong brand loyalty
  • Building audience
  • Increase brand searches
  • Creating potential for links
  • Getting higher brand visibility
  1. Find new opportunities

Well, there are specific tools that can help businesses identify and grab new business opportunities as they arrive. For instance, businesses can see people sharing their published content by working with specific analytical tools. By viewing the shareability of the content, it is possible for businesses to understand the users’ likeability and move in the right direction to grab on to the opportunities.

Things to consider in social media

  • Identifying the right social media platforms that resonate with your target audience’s personas
  • The right type of content to share
  • The use of analytical tools
  • The lead generation potential of social channels


  • Cost-effective marketing opportunity
  • Massive global reach
  • Ability to create precise and highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Great for interacting with customers
  • Great for developing brand loyalty
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ease follow-up


  • Follow industry trends
  • Great to generate traffic for the website
  • Great to establish a strong brand presence
  • Strengthen interaction with the target audience
  • Easy and effective communication
  • Improve customer satisfaction


  • Low CPC
  • Massive global reach
  • Great for generating engagement
  • High conversion rate
  • Easy to reach the target market
  • High visibility


  • Great to establish professional domination of your company
  • Reach out to global experts and professionals
  • Optimize website for higher search engine ranking
  • Great lead generator

Wrap up

Social media offer ideal marketing platforms for businesses. When it comes to inbound marketing, social media platforms offer even more opportunities for brands to create an effective strategy and gain a competitive edge. So, if you still haven’t explored the potential of social media platforms for improving inbound marketing, do it now!

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What is the benefit of hiring frequenc for social media marketing?

At frequenc, we have one of the most experienced social media marketing teams that work closely with clients to understand their business bottom lines and create a customized inbound marketing strategy to maximize traffic and sales. Some of the benefits of hiring our experienced team for social media marketing include;

– Authority building

– Faster feedback

– Diversified exposure

– Higher conversion rates

– Better SEO ranking

– Increased traffic

– Precise targeting

Why is social media strategy important for inbound marketing?

Social media platforms have become the go-to tools for brands looking to interact and engage the audience through personalized communication. Our experienced social media marketing team creates customized campaigns that combine the core elements of effective targeting and customer service, thereby maximizing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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