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Help & FAQ

How long does the entire marketing process may take?

The time required for any crypto marketing project will depend on the size and complexity of the proposal. At frequenc, we try our best to deliver the best results to our clients as fast as possible without compromising the project’s scope. Also, we inform you about the estimated time required to achieve campaign ROIs at the beginning of the project and keep you updated throughout the process.

What payment methods do you accept for crypto marketing projects?

At frequenc, we all electronic payments, including all major credit cards. We also accept direct deposits for the projects. You can also pay for the project in accepted cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH.

How will I measure the work progress for the project?

At frequenc, we believe in offering complete transparency and the highest business ethics for all projects. We offer clear and transparent contract agreements while keeping you updated on all the updates regarding projects and ROIs achieved.

What are the primary KPIs for a crypto marketing project?

At frequenc, our ultimate goal is to become the leading agency for all firms and clients looking to promote their crypto business within a safe and reliable environment. Are offer premium, affordable, and consistent B2B and B2C marketing services for crypto businesses and intent to become a central node to connect businesses and clients.

Why should I work with frequenc?

When you decide to partner with frequenc for your crypto marketing requirements, you collaborate with one of the most experienced and skilled agencies that have garnered success in the digital marketing landscape for hundreds of companies. We maintain one of the most experienced teams in the digital marketing landscape, who have worked cross-industries and achieved the best possible results for clients.
We are obsessed with helping crypto and other digital token companies to achieve sustainability and growth.