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Best NFT marketing agency Miami Florida– Enabling you to achieve more!

At Frequenc, our NFT marketing services are meant to help NFT marketplaces get the head-start they need to thrive in the ecosystem!

Some of our satisfied NFT marketing clients!

Experience the best NFT Marketing services with Frequence!

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have become the new face of modern art. These unique artworks enable artists to create immutable digital tokens of the artwork, which can’t be copied or disputed. Unlike what most people think, NFTs aren’t limited to paintings; instead, they can be any form of digital art, including songs, GIFs, Screenshots, unique moments, games and much more.

NFTs enable artists and connoisseurs to easily sell and purchase digital artwork without any risk of copying, forgery, or dispute.

Frequenc is a premium NFT marketing agency  which offering NFT brand marketing services Miami, enabling artists and businesses to achieve maximum growth and benefit from the booming NFT marketplace.

Why do you need NFT marketing services?

Any business using NFTs as the foundation requires NFT marketing services to remain sustainable, compete and grow. NFT marketing services enable businesses to achieve greater visibility and attract a wider global audience to help grow their brand. Since NFTs can be in any form of digital artwork, which includes tangible and intangible assets, NFT marketing services ensure that you are able to reach the right audience on the right platforms, who are ready to buy NFTs at the optimum price. At Frequenc, we are a premium NFT digital marketing company Miami Florida, offering wide range of marketing services, including influencer marketing, search engine optimization services, social marketing and much more.

NFT influencer marketing agency Miami Florida– Experience Crazy Business Growth with Influencer Marketing

When done the right way, influencer marketing yields excellent results for brands. At Frequenc, we have mastered the influencer marketing strategy from the ground up. With hundreds of high-profile celebrities and influencers, we have one of the biggest networks of celebrities from all fields to achieve the best results from influencer marketing. We can also help you get in touch with any influencer of your choice by writing a compelling pitch email for your business.

  • The largest network of influencers for all fields
  • Strategic pitches to get you the right influencer
  • Affordable influencer marketing packages for businesses of all sizes

NFT Marketing Services Offered by Frequenc NFT Marketing Agency

NFTs Selling Strategy

Irrespective of your business model or size, our NFT marketing and promotion services in Miami Florida can help you come up with the tactical marketing strategy and provide the right insights you need to optimize NFTs selling.

Creating NFTs Advisory

The key to achieving crazy success with any business is transforming it into a brand. Our expert NFTs advisory services help NFTs marketplaces go viral. We deliver highly personalized marketing strategies that instantly connects with the audience and help NFT businesses achieve meteoric success.

NFT Marketplace Advisory

Are you not sure what’s the best NFT marketplace for you? Well, how about getting in touch with an industry expert that can help you recommend the best marketplace for your artwork and earn crazy money?

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques to increase traffic and customer. Our tactical content, coupled with a strategic word-of-mouth referral marketing campaign, enables businesses to minimize their customer acquisition costs while maximizing visibility and revenues.

NFT Token Offering

Looking for some professional help for NFT token offering? Our expert can help you create the best structuring for security token offerings while also assisting you in making the framework for selling NFTs in complete compliance with local laws.

NFT Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is your gateway to maximize the reach and relatability of your NFTs. At Frequenc, we maintain one of the largest and well-structured influencer marketing networks and can help you get connected with the best influencer for your NFTs.

NFT Minting Advisory

Starting with NFTs may be difficult without prior knowledge. If you don’t really understand the process of minting the NFTs or how to set up your whitelist, or what to charge, you may need some professional help. For all these important steps, our experts can guide you to ensure a successful NFT launch.

NFT Smart Contract

NFTs are much more than your simple JPG file. At Frequenc, we have experts who understand the full potential of NFTs and are ready to help you with new use cases that can help your NFT business accelerate like crazy!

NFT Strategic Partnerships & Sales

Strategic collaborations are always an excellent strategy for businesses to achieve exponential growth. At Frequenc, we can help you get in strategic partnerships with investment funds, content creators, other projects, media outlets, influencers and others so that you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

NFT Community Management

Creating community is always great for businesses for strong footings in the industry. At Frequenc, we have created dozens of high-performing crypto and NFT communities on different social media platforms, and we can help you get started with community management to achieve massive scaling for your business.

NFT Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is crucial for all businesses to establish their brand and interact with customers. At Frequenc, we help NFTs to create strategic social media marketing campaigns that tease, inform, and attract customers to your brand.

What’s the NFT hype all about?

At the core of NFTs is the technology that enables artists to own their intellectual property. While there have been rumors going around the market terming NFTs as the bubble, the technology isn’t going anywhere. While some NFTs have a crazy price tag, these are very few, and most NFTs are offered on market standard rates, and there’s a massive future for the technology.

Frequenc – At the Heart of NFT Marketing!

There are endless opportunities waiting to be explored, from paintings to photographs to sporting memorabilia, screenshots, Gifs, and IP rights for entertainment. Your imagination and creativity is the only limit to the limitless world of NFTs.

Just like there is no limit to the NFTs, there are virtually endless options for NFT marketing campaigns. That’s why, as one of the top NFT marketing agencies Miami Florida, we strategize a personalized and completely tactical marketing plan for individual customers, keeping in view their requirements and target audience.


At Frequenc, we excel in offering creative NFT Marketing Solution in Miami Florida, giving your NFT business a strong brand identity that aligns perfectly with the target audience to give you crazy income and branding.

How do we achieve it?

Well, we start by fully understanding your business model and what you want to achieve with marketing services. Our proprietary marketing framework and a systematic approach for client onboarding allow us to have a complete picture of the objective beforehand. This is followed by generating a personalized marketing plan that perfectly suits your business model and intended audience, thus giving you unparalleled visibility and growth options.

Our framework for influencer marketing through email outreach


We maintain one of the largest databases of NFT influencers, aggregated and structured using machine learning algorithms.


Our machine learning algorithm coupled with industry experts helps us identify the perfect influencer options for your business model.

Step 3: PITCH

Once we have identified the influencers, we approach them with tactically customized pitches that have been A/B tested for 100% success.


Once we get a positive email response, we get in touch with influencers over calls to details about the project and take feedback.


We put in the best optimization techniques to maximize the reach of influencer marketing and deliver you crazy high ROIs from NFT marketing services.


What’s the full form of NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token

What is an NFT?

In the simplest definition, NFT is a digital security token that identifies the ownership of any digital asset. It uses blockchain technology to ensure verification and validation of token ownership. You can create NFT for all sorts of digital artwork, including images, photographs, audio, sports memorabilia, Gifs, screenshots, life moment and much more.

Is creating NFTs beneficial?

Yes. If you have any art skills and want to monetize them, you should start creating NFTs. It’s a modern art that offers limitless potential for artists to monetize their tangible or intangible artwork.

Are NFTs unique?

Yes. NFTs are 100% unique and can’t be copied, forged, or disputed. Even for the unlimited edition of artwork, each NFT sold is unique and has digital provenance.

How is an NFT valued?

Honestly, there is no regulating mechanism to control the price of NFTs. Most NFTs are values similar to traditional artwork, where there is a base price set by the artists, and the bidding can go as high as the buyers are willing to pay.