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Web3 and the Metaverse This third iteration of the internet will be more open and decentralized than ever before. Blockchain technologies are enabling a new digital economy that is completely changing how we interact with our world in many ways, from transactions to information gathering.

Web3 has the potential to introduce new opportunities across a variety of sectors, it will likely impact many industries’ profit pools by removing traditional intermediaries in value exchange. Tokenization is pushing financial institutions and market structures into rethink mode with blockchain payment rails that enable consumers to access digital rights ownership Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which can revolutionize how people engage when interacting through technology or commerce–propelling companies join forces for omnichannel customer experience strategy.

You are in the middle of a digital revolution and you don’t know what’s coming next. We help take your company beyond just reacting to this new reality, by assessing opportunities and threats with our expert team that has over 30 years combined experience for clients ranging from financial to luxury brands to sports and music to automotive, all leading up to successful launches for products, companies, retail, media, gaming web3 and the metaverse brands. In order to prepare our clients we work tirelessly to identify the ever changing landscape of web3 so that we can thrive when things inevitably change again soon.

How do we do this?

Digital Strategy:

It’s no secret that digital has become an essential part of today’s world. The key question for any company concerned about its future success is how they will use this new technology and what is the future of web3 in order to stay ahead? As you can see from our approach FrequenC uses a cyclical approach., “Today Forward, Future Back ” similar to larger consulting agencies but more bespoke. FrequenC doesn’t rely on the past but respects the learning so that we can predict what is to come, looking forward so that our clients benefit now and grow into their web3 future with tomorrow.


Bespoke but agile thinking

Too often, digital projects are left moribund and completed tasks sit waiting for approval. We believe in an approach that focuses on the agile mentality of constantly delivering working iterations to our clients so they can make informed decisions about what's important enough to invest time into continuing development of the project.

Progress not just for progress sake

There are many ways to get on the path of establishing your brand as a digital leader. We begin by using small immediate stepping-stones to success, which is an approach that helps you take small yet meaningful steps in your journey.

Future vision, past respect

With our experience we help determine the movement of the sector because we are helping to create it. Looking at where projects have wins and losses, learning from them is the key to predicting where web3 marketing will lie in the future.

If they are the Titanic, we are a speed boat

Ensuring our client strategies take into consideration our learnings but remain as agile as possible. Being able to correct the course realtime from our strategies is the key to success. While traditional strategic thinking can be clunky and slow, we are sharp and fast, integrating seamlessly into existing structures.

What now?

We live in a time of profound change, when the future unfolds more quickly and unpredictably than ever before. To thrive amidst these changes you need an innovative strategy that meets today’s challenges with eyes wide open, prepared for whatever comes next, from regulation to emerging technologies, we are here to help.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we have condensed decades of thought-leading strategy development and implementation into an easy to follow, rigorous process that will help position your company for success in today’s dynamic marketplace. 

Have any questions about the best web3 marketing or web3 consulting, shoot us an email.