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The Culture & Entertainment sector within DACS (the standard for defining the industries of digital assets at CoinDesk) is the fourth-largest sector in DACS worth approximately $34 billion in market capitalization as of April 30, 2022.

This includes:

– projects that aim to decentralize social media platforms,

– create decentralized gaming worlds,

– increase direct peer-to-peer interaction between content creators and their audience

– while at the same time maintain user privacy, security, and ownership of data and digital assets.

Within this sector, artists have the luxury of monetizing their work directly from consumers and gamers can possibly earn and spend money for their activities and virtual real estate can be purchased and sold.

As Culture & Entertainment continues to grow, collaborations and interoperability between different ecosystems will likely evolve into a greater web of interconnected virtual worlds with an interdependence of ownership among diverse consumers and users.