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Today, our Founder and CEO, Jules Dudko, was announced as an official speaker at NFT London. Jules will be joining the rest of the speakers in London later this year on Nov 3–4 2022. Jules has also spoken at NFT.NYC 2022 earlier this year.

Jules will be speaking about the NFTs, the new digital identity, creator economy, and how brands and individuals can prepare and transform their business and brand from web2 to web3.

About NFT.London

Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects and giving a voice to the growing NFT community.

The theme for NFT.NYC 2022 was the Diversity of NFTs — this will certainly extend across the pond at NFT.London. This third round of approved NFT.London speakers features 16 different tracks, including these top 8.

  1.   Art
  2.   Brands
  3.   Gaming
  4.   NFTs for Good
  5.   Fashion
  6.   Music
  7.   Investing
  8.   Legal and Accounting