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Ever wonder why your message is not resonating? It’s all about the frequency.

We tune into the wavelength of the customer, figure out what they want, and project it back to them. Like an invisible tuning fork, we adjust it accordingly until your target audience hears your message.

Together, our global team has over 30 years of experience creating conversion-driven campaigns. How? We apply 977 megahertz of passion to every project.

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We specialize in social media & web3 marketing.
With over dozens of campaigns, our approach increases revenue, brand awareness, and authentic community building.

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who we are

frequenc brings big brand experience to companies looking to connect with their audience without all the noise. Think of us as your outsourced CMO & Creative Director all in one.
Founded by Jules Dudko, an “old school” influencer who’s account, @julesonthedaily, became a force in the luxury fashion market. At 19, she had campaigns with Fortune 500 and luxury retail companies around the world. Today, her network & experience connect clients with their desired audience.

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